Have you ever noticed how controlling we become when we assume that others have “crossed” our self-imposed boundaries, whether they are emotional, physical or spiritual?

Years ago, when I first became a hobby farm owner, I had my first experience with the invisible line in the sand syndrome. Simply because I had a surveyor’s diagram which enumerated the exact dimensions of an officially registered piece of land, I slowly but surely transformed into a grounds keeper in the most unpleasant variation of the definition.

In other words, I became the ever watchful “observer” of my staked territory of twenty or so acres. No wonder the nomadic indigenous populations thought early colonists were, to say the least, a little “loco”. Later, they were to also discover, to our mutual chagrin, that this new attitude was dangerous.

From a fractal perspective, this same formula of discord applies to all relationships, be they nation states or families. How many times have we drawn the line of separation as parents, spouses, teachers, bosses and even friends, when we felt that our “authority” was challenged?

Isn’t it ironic that for a species which defines itself as civilized, we have created more attacks on everything and everyone around us than any other group in the so-called animal kingdom.

When you awaken and become conscious of your possessive and controlling thoughts, something amazing happens. That which you coveted loses its attraction when compared with the beauty and inner peace of flow. At least for a moment, the process of letting go leads you to what we all want, true freedom through the outward expression of Love.

As life throws you a teaching curve, remind yourself that you are an infinite being with no real boundaries, with nothing to defend and nothing to fear.


For a humorous take on the above subject, check out the following movie :

The Gods must be Crazy


Catherine Hedrich

Editor in Chief, Tidechange.ca