Month: March 2019

It’s About The Kids

You’d think that the collapse of our civilizations and the extinction of much of the natural world would be a most compelling motivator, but the weak kneed response by governments more concerned with economic growth than collapsing civilizations left the conference with much unresolved and little reason to believe current governments will rise to the challenge of keeping our Earth from rising another devastating 1.5 C.

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Woodland Spring Welcome

We invite families spanning across the Comox Valley and Campbell River region to attend our Woodland Spring Welcome (previously Woodland Egg Hunt). This is our annual family-oriented event, full of interactive activities, children’s entertainment and programming.

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March 1st: Starting Seeds

This chilly weather is certainly dragging on, but if you have good growing conditions for seedlings indoors, it should cheer you up to be starting seeds. I wait until now to sow leeks, onions, celeriac and celery as I have found they grow into plants that are just as productive as ones started earlier in February.

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