What does a nuclear physicist at CERN and a co-founder of the Burning Man event have in common? They are both part of a community looking for the God particle and they both feel that without their work, their life would have no meaning.

The commonalities between these two worlds are so striking that they are easily missed. Each depends on a uniquely creative and collaborative approach rarely observed in general society. From the hundred plus countries who send their greatest free thinkers to the largest man-made experimental facility on the planet to the tens of thousands, who for one week in the middle of the desert, attempt to transcend individual and group imposed boundaries, the goal is beautifully similar. It is to boldly seek the ultimate expression of energy, which explains and creates everything.  

When you superimpose the images and audio from the two separate documentaries about these two respective endeavors, fractal patterns emerge. They illustrate the same desire and drive to be connected to something greater than their individual existence. Both share the same challenges of growth within the energetic formula of order and chaos, destruction and creation. At Burning Man, fire is the fuel of transformation in the Nevada desert, while at CERN, 100 meters below the Swiss and French Alps, nuclear fusion is the chosen method of expression. 

Different tools working towards the same goal, that of connecting with the source of all that is, Love.

For further research, please click on the links to the following documentaries:
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With special thanks to someone who clearly speaks my language, check out his most inspiring talk in the video below.

Catherine Hedrich

Editor in Chief, Tidechange.ca