In March, Tide Change will be showcasing everything that has to do with the art of writing in the Comox Valley. Luckily, we have an extraordinary variety of people in our community who make a living from books, work with books or simply put pen to paper when inspiration strikes. Time to celebrate the printed word.

We would like to invite local authors to send in their story about how and why they wrote their first book. The text should be submitted as a Word document in an email to Writing can be a solitary creative process. Even though it is shared with the community at large, in the beginning, there can be the seed of inspiration followed by many days of painstaking edits and self-doubt as the paragraphs flow into pages, then chapters.

We will also be creating a list of books of all genres written by local authors, so we invite you to submit your own book title or that of someone who has published a novel you have read and who calls the Comox Valley their home. Short stories and children’s books are also most welcomed. Photos of the authors and images of their books should be sent to in a JPEG format less than 2 MB in file size. 

We also invite local book store owners and their staff, as well as librarians, to submit titles by local authors and others, which are popular at this time with readers in the Comox Valley. We can always use suggestions for our next book.

Let us not forget writing groups and book clubs. Please submit information about your activities. We will be pleased to add the details to our articles on the subject of writing, as well as in our online calendar of events.

Finally, editors and publishers are an integral part of polishing what is often a diamond in the rough, before it is ready to be sent as final copy to press. We welcome your contribution with articles about how you make this happen.

I look forward to your submissions and may we all enjoy a good story in March.


Catherine Hedrich

Editor in Chief,