When it comes to a health crisis, you may think those close to you know what you want. But do they? You may be surprised at what your family or your friends or your health care providers don’t know about you!

Advance Care Planning conversations are a gift to the people close to you who can support and honour your health-care wishes. This way, in a time of health crisis, if you’re able to communicate, you will make your own health-care decisions; but if you cannot communicate, they already know your wishes. And, these conversations are truly a gift to your loved ones –relieving them of the burden of making health care decisions on your behalf without knowing your wishes.

Don’t wait – attend a free Comox Valley Hospice Society Advance Care Planning workshop on Friday, March 1, 2019  from 1pm –3pm – and learn how to start these conversations. The workshop will be held at the Comox Legion located at 1825 Comox Ave. To register call the Hospice office at 250-339-5533 or email reception@comoxhospice.com. Additional information and resources
are also available at www.AdvanceCarePlanningCV.ca

Monique Thompson

Administrative Assistant, Comox Valley Hospice Society