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How To Cut Through Overwhelm To Be More Effective With Less Effort

Feb 13, 2019 | Arrow Gonsalves, News | 0 comments

Are you battling the elements to survive? Is your bright future, creative juice and eager persona darkening under a mountain of pressure and unceasing demands? 

If you are secretly dying inside while frantically spinning your wheels just to keep up. If you feel like everyone and everything is getting in the way of your happiness and success… It is time to STOP IT RIGHT NOW!

I mean that with all my heart. Stop EVERYTHING and pull yourself together. Stop the madness, gather your energy and learn how to stand your square.

Effectiveness is not accidental, nor is it given by others.  It is an outcome of managing your energy well. 

Guiding driven individuals for empowered high performance since 2003, I can testify you are not alone. The past few years this problem has become rampant and you are likely surrounded and affected by others in a similar situation.

It is up to you to break the chains that bind you. By doing so you will not just free yourself, you will be a beacon of light for those around you.

I recommend you consider effectiveness a muscle you need to develop and a strategic outcome, born of cause and effect. After all, it is no exaggeration to state that your health, wealth and sanity is at stake.

Get Centered and Reconnected

Your physical body “tells” you about your emotional and mental/ spiritual condition. Additionally, it is a universal law that everything is created from the center. Reconnecting your brain and your breath to the core of your body releases stress and help gather energy in your core.

Your core is the center of the universe from your perspective. It is also the domain of your immune system. With a healthy immune system and centered perspective, you will naturally be less reactive and more creative.

Next, you want to build your center of influence and empower your core. This is important because it provides the fuel you require to thrive at work AND have more energy available for the people and activities you love.


First you need to strengthen your body and “empower” your core. Physically through a good blend of stretching, cardio and strength training. This gives you “a square” to stand on, brings you more objectivity and builds your vitality.

Next: Empower emotionally by building confidence and patience through trying new things, endurance training, reconnecting with your true self and emphasizing harmonious relationships. This gives you the understanding, patience and wisdom of emotional maturity, nowadays called EI (Emotional Intelligence), to be more stable and less reactive. You will feel more joyous and become more charismatic and influential.

Next: Spiritual empowerment is principle driven through mindfulness, communion with your soul and creating a meaningful purpose that is larger than yourself. This brightens your brain and gives you the freedom and ability to think for yourself and choose your information. You will also be able zoom in and out from the micro to the macro with little effort. This elevates your brain to a peaceful, productive and creative state.

It is important to empower in this order, so your energy is centered in your core. Otherwise you will be jumping from one area to the next as new problems crop up. Practices do exist, such as my Qi Yoga classes which offer all 3 aspects for empowered high performance.


Not to be overlooked is the freedom of expression and personal fulfillment that comes from being productive and creative. Contribution to its ecosystem is the true determinant of any healthy organism. Offering something of value is as critical to our health, happiness and peace as the air we breathe, food we eat and water we drink. 

Oftentimes, when people are burned out, wounded or in critical condition, there needs to be a time of rest and rejuvenation first. Once you are able to release stress and harness your energy in your core, it becomes important to circulate it outward. Using the template above will make the process of creation not only sustainable, but as limitless as your mind can reach.

If this method of shifting from reaction mode into a highly effective state of creativity appeals to you, join me for my 4 part online masterclass: 3 Morning Rituals To Win The Day”.

It’s complimentary, I’m inviting you as my guest. It’s a unique workshop where I will guide you through practices and principles step by step to develop your own high-performance success habits.


Arrow Gonsalves is The Founder of Heart Drum Beat- Brain & Body Training Academy and The House of Now Wellness Center in Courtenay. She is an International Bestselling Author, TEDx Presenter and a Master Trainer, Master Healer in the Tao Healing Arts.


Arrow Gonsalves

Founder, The House of Now Wellness Center

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