January 26th – March 23rd, 2019

Approaching Painting instigated opportunities for a group of artists to come together. CVAG’s collaborative curators invited painters; Scott Bertram, Nicole Crouch, Robert Moon, Carole Thompson, Madeleine Wood, along with a performance artist Cathy Coates and community facilitator Cedar Wasleskwi to share time, aesthetic processes, creative inquiry, and perceptual explorations over several months.

The thematic program Approaching Painting makes space for interconnected elements that expand notions of exhibition through residency, production, performance, community make art events, peer support, critique, experimentation and collaboration.

The Comox Valley Art Gallery extends an invitation to join us for the opening / associated events / creative opportunities that are part of Approaching Painting.
As an art based thematic program, Approaching Painting, offers a spectrum of practices and perceptual responses to traditional and contemporary painting through presentation of the artists’ work and creative process, interpretive collaborations, exhibition, make art projects + workshops. 
Interpretive Collaborators: CATHY COATES . CEDAR WASLEWSKI
Approaching Painting opens on January 26th with a make art project event led by Scott Bertram +  Nicole Crouch from 11 am – 1 pm. In the afternoon beginning at 1 pm, all the artists will be on hand for the afternoon public reception / performance / artist talks.
Cathy Coates will perform on opening day and her movement rooted responses to the artwork are presented through digital media during the run of the exhibition.
A sound piece presents the auditory response of a community choir. 
Workshops in February, led by community facilitator Cedar Waslewski, offer participants an opportunity to explore their perceptions and responses to the exhibition. 
 Approaching Painting runs until March 23 and will offer a make art project event led by Carol Thompson +  Madeleine Wood from 11 am – 1 pm on the closing day.
During the run of the exhibition each artist will spend a week in the new GATHER:PLACE space at the gallery. This community engagement space offers the artists a visible site in which to conduct creative research and to meet with exhibition visitors and students to share their creative process and ideas.
If you are interested in a facilitated tour of the exhibition contact: Denise@comoxvalleyartgallery.com
 More information is available on the GVAG website.
Denise Lawson

Co curator, Comox Valley Art Gallery