In the four months that I have had the privilege of posting this community’s articles, press releases and event information, I have received some wonderful letters of appreciation from various organizations, which have seen the value of having Tide Change as a local virtual communication and information platform.

Dear Catherine—

Monique just sent me the link to the column you wrote in the last edition of Tide Change. I must say, I was so deeply touched—both by your heartfelt and unique understanding as well as the eloquence with which you expressed those feelings. The column was exquisite! 

I am wondering if you would be so kind as to allow us to post this on the CVHS Facebook page (with attribution)? I am also wondering if you might be agreeable to having some passages quoted in the upcoming news releases related to advance care planning as the words are so impactful and eloquent?

On a personal note, it is truly heartwarming to know that there are people in the community who truly “get” what both living and dying well can mean for each of us.

With gratitude—


Terri Odeneal, MSN, Executive Director, Comox Valley Hospice Society

Life and Death


As Editor in Chief, I also see my role as a facilitator and connector of people with projects and initiatives that have common elements for the creation of supportive conversations within the Comox Valley. With this in mind, I hope to assist the members of Tide Change by finding tailored opportunities for the building of collaborative partnerships. The results would then be posted as news for our readership, locally and beyond our borders.

The beauty of having an independent information media platform, like Tide Change, is that it stands as one of the last bastions of impartial communication for the Comox Valley region and beyond. We also provide an audience for press releases at no cost to non-profits and other organizations in the community. Our challenge is to remain sustainable via the yearly contributions of sponsors, the monthly payments of its non-profit members and individual reader donations.

Tide Change’s unique formula is both a mission statement and an editorial choice, that has been respected before and since the transformation of the newsletter format into an on-line news source, more than a decade ago. For a yearly financial support of $120 ( $10 a month), which is less than the cost of the smallest print or radio ad, we offer a curated template for the messages you wish to share with a readership seeking information, as well as dialogue, for current and future individual community action and support.

Will you help us continue this very important role in 2019 by supporting us for one year?

In January, I will be pleased to meet with you and anyone else in your organization interested in learning how to work with the Google Calendar, so that you can ensure that all your daily events information are placed in our online calendar. I will also show you how, as a new member of Tide Change, you will enjoy the benefits of having your own unique template design for all your press releases and gallery information. 

It is my personal promise that I will use all my communication skills and professional experience to assist, when possible, in the development and promotion of  your organization’s own unique role and service to this community.

Kindest regards and best wishes for 2019,



Catherine Hedrich

Editor in Chief, Tide Change