The Everybody Deserves a Smile 2018 Campaign, at Ecole Puntledge Park, is completing its operation this morning. Students and staff across the district are filling a gift bag which will be delivered beginning this weekend here in the Valley and continuing down island Dec 17th. Comox Valley Schools and participating local businesses have collected donated items to help the needy and homeless.  On Monday the program was short close to 600 items and miraculously they all came through allowing the program to reach its goal of 1,155 gift bags.

A well orchestrated assembly line of filling bags and sorting into groups will be in full swing from 9:30 a.m. Student leaders in Grade 7 have been running the operation with guidance from their leader and EDAS founder, Chantal Stefan, teacher.

Packing continues this morning at Puntledge Park Elementary until noon.

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M.H. Lee

Communications & Community Engagement Manager, Comox Valley School District