More than 2600 people around the world have participated in the Comox Valley Arts 30-Day Drawing Challenge, to date.

For the 5th Annual challenge in January 2019 the Arts Council is looking forward to welcoming even more.

Who can join in the challenge? Anyone and Everyone! There are no entry fees, no qualifications, no rules, even… except to draw. Draw once a day (at least) for 30 days.

It’s a wonderful thing to do with your family as an after dinner project, or for homeschoolers as part of your art curriculum. If you’ve been “thinking” about getting back to art, this can be a great way to kickstart your creative flow. And for those who actively create art, it provides a launchpad for new ideas and inspiration by offering unusual subjects and opportunities to get out of your routine.

It’s also a super fun team-building project for work! Collaborating as a team (and sharing the drawing) is a great way to bring everyone together and build rapport. Business to Business-friendly rivalries are fun sales boosters, and can foster surprising new cooperation and cross-promotion.

One aspect of the Drawing Challenge that we particularly love has been the spontaneous disbursement of art – for free, for auction, for sale. Many of our participants have chosen to use that as a small fundraiser for Comox Valley Arts, for which we are very grateful. We also have a pledge/challenge option for anyone who wants to “put a little skin in the game.”

Much of the action takes place on social media – Facebook and Instagram in particular – however it is not a requirement to join in that way. It’s perfectly great to just draw for yourself, and never share with anyone! We do find, however, that a lot of folks really enjoy the sharing and feedback and find the group to be incredibly supportive and encouraging.

There are lots of ways to participate:

–          Sign up for the daily emails

–          Join the Facebook group

–          Download a pledge sheet and start a fundraising challenge

–          Start a fundraiser on Facebook

–          Share your drawings on Facebook or Instagram

–          Auction off your drawings

–          Don’t do any of those things, just draw for the heck of it.

The drawing calendar will be released on January 1, as always. It is available early, by donation, at any of our Drawing Drop-in locations – Comox, Courtenay and Cumberland Regional Libraries, Lupine Art Studio, KellyCat+KayBird Art Studio, Cornerstone Taphouse, as well as Second Page Used Books and the Comox Valley Arts office, upstairs from the Comox Valley Art Gallery.

For complete info and signup, visit

Kera McHugh

Membership & Community Development, Comox Valley Arts