The CV Council of Canadians invites all concerned citizens to join the Chapter’s AGM on Thursday, November 22nd at 7 pm for an open discussion on stewardship and the strengthening, energizing and prioritizing of campaigns as we move into 2019.
Our climate and earth are under siege. The recent report from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change states the next 12 years are crucial to holding the lifeline. 
Comox Valley has new municipal councillors and regional directors. How do we collaborate so our communities thrive and achieve sustainability?
Fresh water, oceans and wildlife need protection yet there are few mechanisms in place that make this possible. Provincially, nationally and globally the inequalities of wealth, and access to housing, nutrition and health care continues to grow. 
It’s time to stop spending taxes to oppose the rights of Indigenous peoples.
Populations are fleeing fires, floods, drought, hunger and thirst – symptoms creating climate refugees as never before. The rise of far right nationalism and closing of borders are growing concerns as world democracies become destabilized. 
How do we as part of a civil society drive positive, transformative change to such overwhelming situations?
The goal of the AGM is to dialogue on how we envision the collaborative resources of the Council of Canadians empowering and strengthening our voices calling for social, economic and environmental justice.
The Chapter’s highly anticipated 11th Annual Community Action Award will also be presented this evening to an inspiring activist.
We look forward to welcoming you Thurs. Nov. 22 – 7pm at the Evergreen Lounge, Filberg Centre – 411 Anderton Ave., Courtenay.
Sue Smith

Steering Committee, Comox Valley Council of Canadians