There is a wind of change being experienced in the Comox Valley and I do not refer simply to the results of the recent municipal election. I have observed that it occurred more than thirty years ago, when non-profit organizations such as YANA (You Are Not Alone) and The Comox Valley Hospice Society, were first founded. Something brought new people to this community with innovative ideas and they partnered with those already here, ready to co-create. Today, the same thing is happening.

This area has a greater than usual proportion of the population that thinks outside of the box. I am not saying that it is only every three decades that inspiration strikes. No, what I am perceiving is that a momentum is building due to the presence of these individuals, men and women, young and old, born here and from elsewhere. We already know that the beauty of nature, the mountains and the presence of water are sources of inspiration and creativity. Yet, this is more. It is an understanding that we are now ready to blend the uniqueness of our individual talents with our desire to work as one team. This desire is forcing organizations and non-profits to rethink and remove some of the limiting operational structures, which do not align with this new way of collaborating.

Imagine a meeting where the agenda has as its center, the mission statement of the group. Then, observe the method of creating action plans and working teams as more of an open conversation, rather than a top down approach of delegating tasks with almost no energetic exchange. See the sparks of connection flying from one person to the other, as they add an idea or creative solution to the mix. Instead of a dull repetitive meeting, the input generated by this approach is free flowing and respectfully organized at the same time. You would leave the meeting feeling the excitement of the potential, rather than the fatigue of another session of only one or two people speaking with no lifting of a group vision or dynamic exchange.

I am not speaking of a possible scenario. This is happening today. Just last week, over an excellent cup of java at Rhodos Coffee and Bistro, I had a perfect meeting of the minds with a new collaborator, Lindsay McGinn, Facilitator for the Comox Valley Community Health Network. We both represent the type of individuals that speak immediately to the heart of the matter, rather than spend time on social protocols. We recognize that every connection is an occasion to build relationship and to bring our individual talents to the service of our community. There are amazing groups in the Comox Valley dedicated to numerous causes. I will not name them for fear of missing anyone and, frankly, I do not have enough space in this column to list them. This said, there is an opening today for a person looking to make a difference with connectivity.

The difference is coming from the organization itself, which reflects an inclusive collaborative and dynamic energy. You may have already noticed this shift in some of the press releases for groups looking for volunteers, many of which we have published in Tide Change over the last few weeks. This is not about reinventing the wheel, but setting the stage so that the wheel spins and touches the wheels of all other possible partner groups working on projects with common elements.

They are now looking for a few individuals, maybe ten or twenty, to meet and create the synergy that will generate and sustain the catalyst for the evolutionary transformation of our community. No more, no less.

Is this you?

Send me an email. I know a few organizations that would welcome your unique talents and way of being.


Catherine Hedrich

Editor in Chief,