November Update, 2018

Lake Trail Middle School has received official designation as a Community School. Staff at LTNC have been working closely with Lake Trail School administration, and School District administration to develop a partnership that will support this official designation from School District #71. What does this official designation mean? Well, many of the details are still being worked out, but to start it does mean that LTNC will receive some funding from the school district. This core funding will enable LTNC to further develop its resources in other areas, and will encourage the strong relationship that exists between LTNC and the school.

Now is a great time to get involved with LTNC – Board Member, Volunteer in the Garden, After School Programs. There is lots to do to make the Community School Vision come alive!

Let us know how you would like to get involved. Please email


Garden Report – Summer/ Fall 2018

It was a busy summer this year in the garden. LTNC was lucky to be able to hire Veronica Wilson through the Canada Summer Grant program again this year. She and Elaine Codling (LTNC Garden Coordinator) ran several summer programs including Summer Sprouters, Summer Salad Nights, and volunteer work parties.

Thanks so much to the volunteers who made this season such a success. Sheila McDonnell, Tiffany Shelly, Barbara Angell, Irene Huntley, Chad Pearcy, Michael Vossen, Melody Fraser, Bob Edgars, Doug Wood. Very special thanks to Veronica Wilson our summer student.

The primary goals of the garden are to:

– produce food for school food programs and community dinners

– share our love of gardening

– share the joy of eating fresh home-grown food

Our early harvest of greens in Feb/March contributed to the school salad bar and we continued to contribute greens and fresh veggies until school was out in June. Garden salads harvested for ‘Summer Salad Nights’ were enjoyed by garden volunteers during June, July and August. The greens and winter veggies planted by those garden volunteers on ‘Salad Nights’ have been contributing to the school salad bar since September, and will continue for a few more weeks until winter settles in.  We also have several beds of overwintering veggies that we will be able to harvest for next spring.

Enjoy these last days of fall!


Fall Program Update and Community Connections!

LTNC took a quieter approach to fall programming this year as we worked through the process of Community School Designation. Our focus has been After School programming for Lake Trail Students, School Salad Bar, Garden/School Connection, and Adult Community Programs. We will continue to build on these initiatives into the new year, 2019. Watch for our December Program Update for more information on Winter/Spring programs.

As well, a big part of our mission forward is to continue to build on the community connections that LTNC has worked hard to develop over the years. LTNC is proud to partner with LUSH Valley, a local organization that supports the Comox Valley in gaining food-systems skills and knowledge to increase food security, self-sufficiency, and local food production across the region. We are happy to support LUSH in their offering of an incredible series of food workshops, After School Learn to Cook programs for kids, and community dinners.


Weekly Salad Bar @ Lake Trail!

We are having a fantastic start to our weekly salad bar served to the students and staff of Lake Trail School! The harvest this fall has been phenomenal, providing us with an abundance of fresh local ingredients. Our dedicated group of Salad Bar Volunteers meet each week to chop and prepare these items for the Lake Trail students – how fortunate we are!!

NEW VOLUNTEERS WELCOME! If you would like to join this fun group of volunteers for either the prep of salad bar (Tuesdays @ 1:00) or the serving of Salad Bar (Wednesdays @ 11:00) please email Penny at


Finally, mark your calendar for the LTNC Christmas Social!

Tuesday December 4 from 3:00 – 6:00pm @ Lake Trail School
Come join us for tea, participate in Christmas baking, enjoy holiday treats and good company.


Lake Trail Neighbourhood Connections