Critique and Solutions for a Canadian Foreign Policy that is Just Political Writer Yves Engler returns to Courtenay to sign and read from his latest book.

The “Left” in this country needs to become more left wing, oppose Canadian nationalism and accept that we are not a “nice guy” colony of the USA, but rather an imperialist force exploiting the world’s poor, argues Yves Engler in his new book Left, Right — Marching to the Beat of Imperial Canada.

After attacking Conservative Party foreign policy in The Ugly Canadian, Engler turns his fire on the NDP, unions, left wing policy institutes and commentators, Canadian and Quebecois nationalists and even some First Nations leaders for promulgating the “myth of Canada as a force for good in the world.”

“I’d love for Canada to be a country doing good around the world, but it isn’t,” said Engler, writer and political activist from Montreal. “Canada is home to most of the mining companies exploiting the resources of Africa, Central and South America, five of the world’s richest 60 banks, a big arms industry and the largest privately owned ‘security’ company. Our military mostly follows the lead of the US government. Does that sound like a force for good in the world?”

Engler noted that Labour in Britain and the Democrats in the US are moving to the left and said that’s what the NDP membership wants. “There’s no point in having two Liberal parties. Foreign policy is an area the NDP could differentiate itself on. With many Canadians having connections to other parts of the world it could benefit the party electorally.”

Dubbed “Canada’s version of Noam Chomsky” (Georgia Straight), “one of the most important voices on the Canadian Left” (Briarpatch), “in the mould of I. F. Stone” (Globe and Mail), “part of that rare but growing group of social critics unafraid to confront Canada’s self-satisfied myths” (Quill & Quire), “ever-insightful” (Rabble), “Chomsky-styled iconoclast” (Counterpunch) and a “Leftist gadfly” (Ottawa Citizen), Engler has ten published books.

Engler’s cross-country book tour brings him to the Courtenay Library, 300 6th St, on Monday, November 5th at 6 pm. Open to the public; free admission. His appearance is co-sponsored by Council of Canadians/CV chapter, the CV Peace Action Group, and Mid-Islanders for Justice & Peace in the Middle East.

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Judy Goldschmidt