Editorial Note: Although the survey addresses a part of the island outside of the Comox Valley region, the waterways and the life within it have no boundaries, as they travel to our community. We hope the information below will foster more dialogue before tomorrow’s voting day.

Voter turnout is notoriously low in municipal elections—yet it’s the municipal bodies that make important decisions that impact our daily lives. Every conversation you can have with people to nudge them to the polls matters. In the lead up to this week’s elections, Georgia Strait Alliance has conducted two candidate surveys to help you understand where candidates stand with respect to two environmental issues that they could show their leadership on:

If you don’t see responses from candidates in your area, you can ask them to complete the Climate Accountability Survey, and share their responses with us via email so we can include them on our website.

For the Vancouver Waterfront Survey, you can use the website to prompt responses from candidates who have not yet submitted by sending them an email or tweet.

On Saturday, October 20, gather your friends, family, and neighbours and exercise your civic responsibility to VOTE!

Did you know? In November, Ottawa plans to release the full cost of the Trans Mountain purchase, a cost that will be footed by taxpayers

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