Month: October 2018

Community Life and Books

When was the last time you set aside your Kindle and stepped into the true pages of a book? Let me give you a tour of what you are missing by reading in the two dimensional electronic world of the tablet. It starts at the library. The first thing I do when I arrive somewhere new is to check out the local library. It is where I find my first welcoming “hello” and I can check out the community board to learn about the interests of the residents. Afterwards, I usually peruse the shelves and find the section about local authors, local history and local points of interest.

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From Sustainability to Regeneration

In my last two chronicles I discussed the vision of Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry—the Ecozoic Era. It is a time of a mutually enhancing relationship between our species and Earth. In this chronicle I will talk about implementing the vision. I will discuss two options: Sustainability and Regeneration. Sustainability means improving the existing systems. Regeneration means” to create again” starting over with different systems or kinds of systems.

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How to Safely Dispose of your Pumpkin after Halloween

Comox Strathcona Waste Management is reminding residents of the Comox Valley Regional District and the Strathcona Regional District to dispose of their pumpkins in an environmentally responsible manner this Halloween. When a pumpkin ends up in the landfill it does not break down as it would in a compost pile. The pumpkins decompose without oxygen, producing leachate and methane gas which is harmful to the environment.

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CVRD Responds to 3L, Racist Comment Denied

Regional District CAO Russell Dyson says a Human Rights Tribunal settlement agreement entered into by the CVRD and Kabel Atwall includes a clause that Area C Director Edwin Grieve did not make any racist comments. Comox Valley Regional District Chief Administrative Officer Russell Dyson issued an official statement Tuesday, Oct. 30, in response to a lawsuit filed by 3L Developments,

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Local Immigrant Partnership Collaboratory

The Immigrant Welcome Centre would like to invite you to its first Local Immigrant Partnership Collaboratory. British Columbia is currently the most ethnically diverse province in the country. Immigrants and newcomers provide enormous contribution to our communities, and have helped shape and form the Comox Valley that we call home. According to the Centre for International Governance Innovation in their 2017 report the Diversity Dividend, a 1% increase in ethnocultural diversity is associated with a 2.5% increase in organizational revenue in Canada.

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