Ever wondered why some of the old Scots lived to great age?  Though, in moderation, the old “wee dram” may be a well-vaunted part of a successful longevity, it now seems that social dancing going back to at least 1500 is an essential and more important part of the Scottish elixir of youth.   Several recent studies show that Scottish Country Dancing seems to delay the symptoms of ageing, by exercising both the body and the brain in a pleasant relaxed social atmosphere. (Article link at scotsman.com).

Remarkably, the benefits of Scottish Country Dancing seem to outpace not only other forms of social dancing, but even of yoga, running, walking and swimming: “Dr Susan Dewhurst, lead researcher and an exercise physiologist at the University of Cumbria, said: “The group of women who did not participate in Scottish country dancing followed the normal age-related decline in their functional fitness that would be expected. However, they were very active, doing walking, yoga and swimming.”

Now that the Comox Valley is home to a remarkably fine whisky distillery at Shelter Point, which is just releasing a double barreled single malt whisky that cannot be “Scotch” but breathes of some of the finest Scottish traditions, it is also time to celebrate the other healthier complementary Scottish custom of the waters of life, Scottish Country Dancing on Vancouver Island.

If you enjoy terrific Celtic music, laughter and good company in a semi-formal setting, with regular friendly social events throughout British Columbia – as well at the four corners of the world,  you may be interested in learning the basics.  The Comox Valley Scottish Country Dancing Society will be offering its second and last free introductory class during the open house for the 2018-2019 year on October 1st .  It is a unique opportunity to celebrate the Comox Valley’s rich Scottish heritage, and to engage socially in a structured cultural activity that is proven to benefit health and happiness.

No kilt or partner are required, just a desire to enjoy yourself.   The Comox Valley Scottish Country Dancing Society meets in fall and winter at 7:30-9:30pm at the Comox United Church Hall (corner of Comox Ave. and Beach Drive.)  (Teenagers between 13 and 16 should be accompanied by an adult).  Further information can be had at www.cvscottishcountrydance.org or phone Heather at 250 897 2670.

Loys Maingon

Comox Valley Scottish Country Dancing Society