As a Mayor of the Village of Cumberland, I will provide leadership to the council by recommending bylaws, resolutions and other measures that may assist the peace, order and good government, I will communicate information to the council to facilitate sound decisions, I will provide general direction to municipal officers respecting implementation of municipal policies, programs and other directions of the council, always reflecting the will of council.

I will promote the required changes to evolve into a municipal administration that consolidates the needs of a diverse population, considering all demographic profiles, including the very young and the very old, guided by the “general will” of the people which would then produce what is best for the people. This approach emphasizes the networked aspects of society and highlights respect and compassion for others, especially those who are more vulnerable.  The secret of change is to focus all our energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new, figuring out what is needed and then figure out how to attain it. All decisions must be sustainable, solutions will not prevent future generations to take care of their needs and will be based on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. I pledge to always follow the ethical decision-making process, all decisions must be ethical, we will do the right thing.

I will be committed to working on behalf of all residents of Cumberland, not just the people that voted for me. I will always take the direction indicated by the majority after the priorities are established by the consent of the community in the form of a referendum for major decisions and surveys when opinions are appropriate. We are a small community, we should be able to work together to create a great present for a sustainable future. Somebody once said: “Government is simply the name we give to things we choose to do together”.

Municipal issues that require attention from the Mayor:

  • Comply with the Ministry of Environment’s Sewer discharge regulations
  • Drinking water quality assurance
  • Manage growth to provide and maintain a high standard of living for current residents
  • Stormwater separation and old clay sewer pipes replacement
  • Air quality remediation
  • Affordable Day Care
  • Assisted living for the elderly
  • Affordable housing
  • Prioritization based on urgency and/or consensus, not on the time it takes to do it
  • Effective planning-to-completion of all the municipal problems
  • Progress reporting and completion promise date on unfinished strategic issues
  • Science, technology, engineering and math-based project management and implementation
  • Improve management of municipal funds to stay on budget and minimize borrowing
  • Multiple bid competition from local suppliers in all projects, not always based on lower cost
  • Business development focusing on outdoor activities tourism
  • Youth training programs to promote permanence in Cumberland by providing employment
  • OCP bylaw implementation
  • Municipal Carbon-Neutrality from locally produced carbon credits
  • Sustainability strategy implementation
  • Community-Owned Renewable energy project
  • Urban Agriculture for Food Security
  • Step code-to-Net Zero Energy buildings implementation
  • Zero Waste strategy implementation to achieve 80% diversion
  • Perseverance Creek stewardship to comply with VIHA mandate
  • Zero-Waste full service Co-op Food Store
  • Farmers Market expansion to increase food availability in the Village
  • Parking enhancement in downtown
  • Park & Ride for mountain bikers at the entrance to the village
  • Facilitate tourist accommodation in the Village
  • Village owned campground as revenue for the Village
  • Bike lane completion
  • Industrial park road enhancement
  • Wastewater reclaim
  • Street repair
  • District heating for downtown core and municipal buildings
My education, experience, personal qualities, and capabilities will become an asset, I will continue to challenge myself and motivate municipal staff for professional evolution and personal growth, based on the principle of sustainability and social responsibility while maintaining a high level of service to the residents.
  • Chemical Engineering degree with a strong background in Quality Control and Computer Science; good understanding of financial and technical aspects of business administration
  • Above average computer literacy in the use of information technology and hardware.
  • Have worked on ideas and concepts with people in many fields and have successfully completed numerous projects from concept to implementation.
  • Initiative and a quick mind, short learning curve; can identify needs, initiate an action plan and produce results.
  • Adapt to any circumstance and environment and willing to take on additional responsibility.
  • Welcome change and growth and move beyond my comfort zone.
  • Self-confidence in my ability to produce desired results.
  • Leadership skills, compatibility with people at all intellectual levels and varied interests.
  • Integrity; total trustworthy approach to all relationships, professional and personal.
  • Strong work ethic: always perform to a high standard and deliver on my word.

“If I Have concerns, I assess, plan, propose, and then, commit”

“Excuses are the easiest things to manufacture, and the hardest things to sell”

“The most renewable, green and least expensive energy is the one that is not used”

“Environmentally, what other people do, affects us. What we don’t do affects everybody”

“To expect bad politicians not to do wrong is madness, to expect ignorant politicians to do the right thing is madness”



1973-1977     Universidad Iberoamericana, México City, México

  • B.Sc., Chemical Engineering


  • 2007 SWEGE Comox Valley, BC (Sustainable Ways to Establish a Green Economy) Projects in energy conservation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, Passive Haus construction, Net Zero Energy housing development, sustainable farming, biomass utilization, biofuels research.
  • 2016 Comox Valley, BC  Community Created Agriculture Co-op Founding member and project manager to establish an agricultural cooperative that will create the necessary infrastructure to facilitate production, processing, preservation, storage and delivery of food and other agricultural products in the Comox Valley, including the purchase of a farm where food can be produced or collected to be delivered to the 300 individuals or families that participate in the CCAC food supply program. The cooperative will own, house and maintain farm equipment, cold storage, processing equipment, etc. for the use of the co-op members
  • 2010 Comox Valley, BC River Meadow Farms Ltd. Irrigation, fertigation, water management; Network Administrator; Web Master and IT Support.
  • 2007-2011 Burus Consulting Ltd. Mexico and Canada Development of management and efficiency strategies for energy conservation; consultant on Anaerobic Digestion for production of biogas; integration of renewable energy systems, such as solar thermal, heat pump systems, etc.; consulting on electrical cogeneration (combined cooling, heating and power) and Wind Energy Generation projects.
  • 2004-2007 SWEGE International, Solar Water Heating Specialist, Canada and México: Purchasing, logistics, Design and implementation of solar water heating systems for industrial, domestic and hospitality industry applications.
  • 2003-2004 Burus Consulting Ltd. Whistler and Squamish, BC, Canada: Performing energy surveys to analyze electrical energy consumption; recommending energy conservation equipment to reduce utilization and strategies for energy management.
  • 2002-2003 Pristine Glacier Bottling Company Ltd., Canada Owner: Production, logistics and market development of bottled glacier water for export to Germany and USA.
  • 1997-2002 Burus Consulting Ltd., Whistler, BC, Computer Consultant: Database design and management, network design and implementation, IT support and hardware maintenance, web design and implementation.
  • 1993-1997 The Faz Group, Houston, TX, USA Computer Consultant, and Industrial Refrigeration Specialist: Application design and implementation, data mining and report design, electronic media design and publishing. Purchasing and logistics of industrial refrigeration equipment to be exported to Mexico for use in large-scale food storage facilities.
  • 1992-1993 University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, TX, Research Assistant: Collaborated in designing test methods and procedures in a microbiology laboratory, design of microscope/computer imaging applications and statistical algorithms. OB/GYN Patient database design, implementation, and maintenance, establishing test methods to collect patient information and data entry procedures. Production electronic brochures and media design, and mass duplication. Production of medical microbiology book in digital form.
  • 1986-1992 R&E Specialties Inc., Vancouver, BC, Houston, TX, Mexico City, MX, International Trading: In charge of purchasing, shipping, storage, customs clearance, banking, accounting and quality assurance for fresh fruits, refrigeration equipment, packaging, computers, and industrial equipment.
  • 1984-1986 Pacific Rim Mushrooms, Denman Island, BC Mushroom Grower: Development and implementation of technology to grow oyster mushrooms on cellulose residue from pulp mill sludge.
  • 1977-1979 Ford Motor Company, Mexico City, Mexico, Paint Quality Control Laboratory Supervisor: Quality assurance of car paints and consultant to production, manufacturing and plant quality control in car paint issues.
Eduardo Uranga

Candidate for Mayor of Cumberland