Hello Friends and Neighbours,

I’m pleased to let you know that I will be seeking re-election for a fourth term on Courtenay City Council and am hoping I can count on your support. Please check out my website and let me know what you think:


Ways you can help may include:

  • Circulate this message to your networks
  • Make a donation (cheques payable to Doug Hillian election campaign)
  • Take a lawn sign
  • Help with door to door leaflet distribution
  • Host a neighbourhood gathering
  • Provide me with an endorsement

This will be a difficult election, given the well-financed add campaign already running to dis-credit some on the current council, but I’m hoping that my record of service and a fair and balanced approach to the issues we face will prevail.

You can view my official media release below.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns regarding current issues. Thanks very much.

Yours faithfully,

Doug Hillian

NEWS RELEASE – Hillian Seeking Re-Election To Courtenay Council

Doug Hillian has announced he will be seeking his fourth term on Courtenay City Council in the October 20th civic election. Hillian is a recently retired human services manager who has lived in Courtenay the past 39 years, and says he remains motivated by “a commitment to public service and a deep love for this community”.

During the past term, Hillian has represented Council as liaison with Project Watershed and K’omoks First Nation on the Kus-kus-sum project, on the Coalition to End Homelessness, the Community Justice Centre Board, the July 1st Commission and Centennial Committee, as Chair of the Tree Bylaw Select Committee, and on the Social Planning and Drug Strategy committees. “I have strived to work constructively with council colleagues, staff and citizens on many positive initiatives while advocating to maintain services within a responsible fiscal framework”.

Hillian believes Courtenay is generally well run by hard working staff, and that we have first class amenities complementing our natural surroundings and sustaining us among the most livable communities in the province. He has supported downtown revitalization, housing initiatives and long term planning for Parks and Recreation, Transportation and Water/Sewer Services, along with innovative asset management policies to address the challenge of aging infrastructure. He is particularly pleased with the City’s environmental initiatives and work towards reconciliation in collaboration with the K’omoks First Nation.

Acknowledging that much remains to be done with the ongoing challenge to manage growth and development while maintaining the economic, social and environmental pillars of sustainability, Hillian believes the City must “continue to address climate change, promote multi-modal transportation solutions, restore our estuary and streams and work in collaboration with our regional neighbours to address issues like local governance, land use and air quality”.

If privileged to serve again, Hillian has particular interest in seeing the Kus-kus-sum project come to fruition and continuing progress on the housing initiatives finally being developed in collaboration with community partners. He says he will “continue to work hard to build our community, to provide the services we need, keep our taxes affordable and protect our environment and quality of life. I will continue to offer a fair and balanced approach while remaining responsive and accessible to our citizens”.

For further information: http://www.doughillian.ca/