Judi Murakami, an active senior volunteer, filed a City of Courtenay Councilor candidacy form Sept 5. Upon retiring to the Comox Valley after a busy career, Judi now has a breadth of local experience as a result of her service in many capacities. Her campaign presents a unique constellation of beneficial objectives.

Judi’s experience in long term care facilities, home support and adult care centers as a Quality Assurance consultant and Elder Abuse consultant for the BC Ministry of Health highlights her commitment to seniors. As a City of Courtenay Councilor, she will focus upon senior’s poverty issues, that often affect women differently than men. “I know of women who must make a decision between purchasing prescription medication and food”.

Since moving to the Valley ten years ago, Judi has been a CVAG-supported artist. She has hosted a Shaw TV program featuring many talented citizens and volunteered at the Sid Williams Theatre, Courtenay Little Theatre, and Comox Recreation Commission. Judi knows that substantive contributions by the arts sector to the local economy need to be integrated into the city’s marketing plan. No City of Courtenay Councilor currently serves on the Community Arts Council.

A third component of Judi’s platform is to stimulate the local economy.  One exciting initiative she supports is converting the empty Thrifty Foods building into a multi-use food market Hub, businesses and residential center. Judi would like to see fewer empty storefronts within Courtenay.

Maintaining and expanding Green Spaces is priority. Another project for which Judi has volunteered support is the imaginative Kus-kus-sum restoration project.  As past-president of the North Island Rhododendron Society, Judi knows the collaboration between the City of Courtenay and the Rhododendron Gardens at the Air Park is a good example of community partnerships. However, she laughingly admits she prefers meetings to weeding the family garden.

“I like her ability to read and quickly understand the By- Laws, spread sheets and the impact on the bottom line. This is a great asset on Council”, says Carol Coupland, her financial agent.

“I’d like to see more women on City Council”, states Dr. Betty Donaldson, “if there were greater gender equity, perhaps it would be less divided.”

If you haven’t met Judi since her June 24 launch, please contact her at Vote for Judi on Facebook or email info@voteforjudimurakami.ca.