Month: September 2018

On October 20th, Vote for a Food Secure Comox Valley

Are you concerned about issues related to community food security, poverty, health, local food, urban agriculture, and other matters related to resilient communities and food systems? At LUSH Valley Food Action Society (LUSH Valley), we know how important it is to have leaders and decision makers, across the region, that will stand up for our local communities, economies and the environment especially as it relates to healthy food production and access. On October 20th, you have an opportunity to go to the polls and vote for a Food Secure Comox Valley.

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There’s something about local politics in B.C

Judging by the mud flying, it would seem – splat – local elections are well underway across B.C. If the campaign turns out anything like the opening acts, there’s going to be some hefty dry cleaning bills this October. So what does the field of candidates look like after the dust settled and nominations closed?

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Comox Valley Community Health Network Hires Facilitator

The Comox Valley Community Health Network is pleased to announce that Lindsay McGinn has been hired as the Facilitator for the network. The Comox Valley Community Health Network, formed in 2018, brings together a wide variety of people to take action on issues that impact well-being and health in the Comox Valley. We focus on areas for change that require the involvement of multiple people, groups and organizations to develop and implement solutions. The network is open to anyone who lives and/or works within the Comox Valley Regional District. Lindsay will provide leadership for the network by working with the community, including the network Coordinating Circle and Action Teams to build the capacity of the network and move it forward.

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CFB Comox Engineering Officer Alex Bissinger would focus on better planning, maintaining infrastructure and create more activity opportunities for young people in a town that has usually catered to seniors. She would add a voice for sustainability and not be fooled by consultant’s reports. Complex technical reports from staff and consultants often make municipal councillors eyes glaze over, but not Comox Council candidate Alex Bissinger. Her eyes light up.

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