Month: August 2018

Talking About Death Can Add Value To Life!

Kick the bucket. Buy the farm. Pushing up daisies. Whatever you want to call death — many of us are uncomfortable talking about it. But could we actually benefit from confronting our mortality head on? For most of us, we want time, and lots of it, to live on this earth. However, more and more people are realizing that actually talking about death can add value to life.

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Taxpayers Alliance

I have noticed a number of Adds in the local Comox Valley Record regarding the city of Courtenay spending.

I too am very concerned about affordability of housing. We are seeing the tip of the iceberg with tent cities.Unfortunately, drug use masks the real problem of affordable housing which is going to land on our Grand Children .Gone are the days when an average income earner can purchase a single family home, but how will low income earners afford an apartment or basement suite with ever increasing costs?

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Courtenay Little Theatre presents “The Ladies Foursome” by Norm Foster

In The Ladies Foursome, three friends play a round of golf in honour of a recently deceased friend. They’re joined by another friend of the deceased who they’ve never met who brings a new dynamic to the group. The friendly round of golf soon gets personal, revealing, touching and hilariously funny as Foster focuses his comic lens on the ladies and their relationships.

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3rd Annual Salmon BBQ Tickets ON SALE NOW

Join Project Watershed for our 3rd Annual Salmon BBQ FUNdraising Dinner. You will get an update on the Kus-kus-sum project, enjoy delicious local food and drink and support our work in the Comox Valley. All proceeds go towards our stewardship efforts.

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