Month: August 2018

The Trickle-Up Effect

As a child of the sixties, I remember the significant role regular people played, who mobilized at the grassroots, in changing the course of history. Think Canadian efforts in the Peace Movement, the Women’s Movement, and the Environmental Movement.

Some big names and well-known faces are associated with each movement, but, we now think of as movements would have been nothing but blips on the historical screen without the discontent, the righteous indignation and the lay-their-freedom-on-the-line action of the nameless and faceless many.

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Cumberland Launch of the Ride Island Campaign

The Vancouver Island Mountain Bike Tourism Consortium (VIMBTC) in partnership with the Western Canada Mountain Bike Tourism Association (MBTA) recently launched the Ride Island campaign designed to inspire mountain bikers to explore the trail networks of the central region of Vancouver Island.

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Impressive Sparkling at the K’omoks Big House

the Kumugwe Dancer Group hosts the event that not too often to see, and welcome the Auba Rukai Children’s Choir from Taiwan.

A quote, I would like to share with all my friends, which I found it from the webpage of The Kumugwe Culture Society.

It said, “Culture is the lens through which we view the world”, the Kumugwe Dancer group performed thousands of people over the years. I appreciate very much for seeing the group trying so hard to not only keep their traditions but also share their culture to the community, every song and dance is telling a story.

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