Hello Tide Change editors,

Re that video going around about Stotan falls, it shows one side…fine, but is always posted in such a way that one can not make comments. This is not unlike 3L who have always presented their side but never mention the trade off that would be involved should they get permission, amend our zoning and “donate” that “Park”. 

I’ve heard them say they will give the Park as a “gift”. That is incorrect, because a gift does not have strings attached.  Anyway here are my comments re this film. I posted them to my Facebook page and would like it if I could post them here, especially near the film (which once again allows no comment).

My objective is to cut through the 3L “facts” with a little picture of what the trade off they are proposing before they would “Gift” us with Stotan Falls as a “Park” would look like.

I want to REFUTE a couple of its sentiments:

#1 “Save the park” You can’t save something that doesn’t exist. Stotan Falls is not a park and the only reason the developer is promising they’ll make it a park is so they can put One Thousand and One Hundred homes there…on both sides of the river. The area is not zoned for high density housing. Many places in this valley are zoned for and meant to take Urban Core Density now. The developer is holding Stotan Falls Hostage in order to attempt to change our Regional Zoning for their own gain..

#2 “Donating 260 acres” Many of those acres are lands they can not develop: land under the power line, land zoned riparian, land that is actually river, land that floods…Imagine those donated acres as “park” now imagine ALL THE REST with more than a thousand: houses, cars, cats, dogs, lawnmowers, fences, radios, skill saws, hammering, shops, traffic,run off, more people in the river… Would it still be anyone’s favourite swimming hole?

#3 “Share to spread awareness”. Promising a “Park” without ever mentioning the ONE THOUSAND AND ONE HUNDRED houses is not spreading awareness, it is spreading propaganda. Forget saving a “Park”, save Stotan Falls and our Rural Areas, save the RGS.

Thank you for what you do and this opportunity to contribute to an alternative to the regular media.

Diane Bostock