Award-winning textile artist celebrates trees in presentation at Little Red Church

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You are invited to a special presentation about trees on September 17. “Call of the Heartwood: My Creative Journey with Trees” is a talk and slide show presented by award-winning textile artist Lorraine Roy of Dundas, Ontario.

Roy is a horticulturalist by training (she holds a BSc in Agriculture) and an artist by profession. Her profound love for trees and deep respect for the environment shows itself over and over again in her textile art pieces which have been displayed across the country.

In 2014, she received a grant from the Ontario Arts Council to further her study of trees. She used it to visit Dr. Suzanne Simard at the University of British Columbia, a leading researcher in the field of tree root communication. She accompanied Simard’s research team into the forests around Kamloops and learned more about how trees share resources and communicate through their roots, with the help of mycorrhizal fungi. The more she learned, the more she was inspired to incorporate this new knowledge into her textile work.

The result is “Woven Woods: A Journey through the Forest Floor”, a collection of twelve circular quilted wall hangings, measuring 36 to 45″ in diameter, each depicting twelve trees of varying types, seasons and stages of growth, and portraying a different aspect of their connection with the mycorrhizal net. Each circle encloses the story of a thriving ecosystem, where all individual elements contribute to support the whole.

In connection with this trip to the West Coast, she has also agreed to do a presentation here in the Valley. The presentation will describe how trees wove themselves into her art and her heart, and is open to the public. Here are the details:

Sept.17, 2018
7:00 p.m.

Little Red Church
2182 Comox Ave.,
Comox, BC

Tickets $10

For more information about Lorraine, check out

For location info:

For tickets:
Trudy Thorne 250-339-6423;
Ardythe Crawford 250-336-8140

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Fall Show at Pearl Ellis Gallery

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