Letter from Catherine Hedrich, our new Chief Editor

Hello all Tide Change readers, members, and sponsors,

My name is Catherine Hedrich and I would like to personally invite you to assist me in my new functions as Chief Editor of Tide Change. Your valued input as subscriber and supporter of our mission to act as an effective community voice and information digital platform is of great importance to me in my new functions.

Maybe the text in my first blog post, after I landed at the Comox airport on June 26th, can better express my thoughts about this community:

It has been two weeks since I moved from Ontario to Vancouver Island. I literally landed at midnight and stepped into a new chapter of my life, in a community where I had only spent three hours before nearly two and a half months ago.
I had only seen my new home in the morning mist of an early April day, so it was a complete surprise and gift to discover the beauty of the mountain range on the other side of the water. Comox Valley is an amazing place, a hidden gem on an already breathtaking island. Yet, this was only the beginning of many revelations that would make me realize how the three Cs, as I like to refer to them, Courtenay, Comox and Cumberland, would happily align with another C, myself.
I have traveled to many places on this planet, but here, I have discovered an ease and flow. I meet some of the friendliest people by simply walking around or taking the bus. Each, in their own unique way, by the telling of their own life story, welcomes me to their community. Maybe because I am a “tale of two cities” myself, two countries (France and Canada), two languages (French and English) and two cultures (European and North American), I feel right at home with a community that is primarily originally from elsewhere.
Still, I also understand why this area has been called “The Land of Plenty” by its indigenous people. There is a unique mix of air, light, water and land, which carries its own signature energy….welcoming you home.
It is with this heartfelt sentiment that I wish to assist, to best of my ability with all my communication skills and experience, this unique and multi-talented community.
I now have the privilege of being the caretaker of your information, thoughts and individual voices. I will do my best to honour your trust by offering no judgment or biases while allowing for the organic respectful discourse that I know is very present here, as I speak with at least 10 new people a day in the Comox Valley.
I look forward to your suggestions, input and, because I have experienced it many times in the last two months, your humour.
Walk in beauty.
Catehrine Hedrich

Chief Editor,

Does an ever-growing economy sink all ships?

Does an ever-growing economy sink all ships?

This week’s “Conversation” is heavy. It needs—NEEDS! an introduction.

An introduction to the discussion of This Civilization IS FINISHED: Conversations on the end of Empire—and what lies beyond by Rupert Read and Samuel Alexander
You can read the whole argument at:

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  1. MikeNestor

    Welcome to the Comox Valley and to Tide Change! I am hoping that you will feature more voices of those looking at the negative impacts of animal agribusiness here in the Valley and worldwide as they contribute heavily to climate change here. This seems to have been deliberately ignored in the recent past but I am hopeful you will take the opportunity to at least explore this perspective in Tide Change. Thanks!


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