Part of the Comox Valley’s pioneer heritage, after about one hundred years of formal existence, Scottish Country Dancing may not exactly be “the fountain of youth” that some reports and scientific studies claim, but it is darn good fun in good company with terrific music!  Few dance activities have been subjected to scrutiny for health benefits – and come streaks ahead of the competition.

An increasing number of scientific studies show that Scottish Country Dancing is not just good cardio-vascular  and memory exercise. Researchers at the University of  Strathclyde in August 2010 made a study of seventy women between the ages of 60 and 85 years; half were Scottish country dancers and the remainder participated in other physical activities such as swimming, walking, golf and keep fit classes. “ The women were assessed on their strength, stamina, flexibility and balance. They all compared favourably with average fitness levels for women in their age range, but the Scottish country dancers were shown to have more agility, stronger legs and to be able to walk more briskly than people who took part in other forms of exercise.”

More recently, this study was followed up in 2014 in the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity which concluded that “Scottish country dance can delay the effects of aging on locomotion-related functional abilities.”  Furthermore, the same study concludes that “Scottish country dance may provide enough of a stimulus to delay the inevitable effects of aging on the cardiorespiratory system in individualsin their eighth decade of life.”  So, if you wish to have fun on a Monday evening, in pleasant, non-stressfull company, and possibly add a decade of active living to your life – here is a cheap (Scottish) opportunity!

The Comox Valley Scottish Dancing Society, will kick off its 2018-1019 season and open two FREE  introductory classes to the public. September 10  and October 1. No kilt or partner are required, just a desire to enjoy yourself.   

The Comox Valley Scottish Country Dancing Society meets in fall and winter at 7:30-9:30pm at the Comox United Church Hall (corner of Comox Ave. and Beach Drive.)  ( Teenagers between 13 and 16 should be accompanied by an adult).

Further information can be had at or phone Heather at 250 897 2670.

The Comox Valley Scottish Country Dancing Society