Meet the new editorial head of Tide Change.

The Tide Change team is beyond thrilled to welcome Catherine Hedrich, as the new Chief Editor for our website! After graduating from Concordia University in Montreal, Catherine began her communications and marketing career with CAE Industries, a Canadian company with international clients on every continent. Her early exposure to different cultures and ways of doing business facilitated her understanding of many different styles of inter-personal communication. Over the next 25 years, as a consultant working with many business sectors and not for profit organizations, she honed her innate sense for seeing the bigger picture as she developed actionable communication and marketing strategies for her clients. While employed as a local reporter in a rural community of Eastern Ontario, she wrote a weekly column entitled Reality Break. Rae Aston, a former journalist for CBC, CTV, ABC and UPI, wrote this commentary about her columns:

It is extremely rare in all media to find a regular columnist (commentator) who deals consistently with serious topics of substance, to which all of us can relate.

We are so excited to have Catherine lead the editorial direction of Tide Change and build upon its community foundation of collaborative support. As a new resident of the Comox Valley, her outsider’s perspective will undoubtedly bring fresh and useful insights, while setting the stage for the development of a sustainable and interactive communication platform for our community enterprise, beginning with her new column, Community Conversations.
Pieter Vorster

(Happily back to being a ) Senior Editor,