Impressive Sparkle K'omoks Big House

Impressive Sparkling at the K’omoks Big House

Aug 27, 2018 | A & E | 0 comments

The Kumugwe Dancer Group host an event that is not often seen, and welcome the Auba Rukai Children’s Choir from Taiwan.

A quote, I would like to share with all my friends, which I found it from the webpage of The Kumugwe Culture Society.

It said, “Culture is the lens through which we view the world”, the Kumugwe Dancer group performed thousands of people over the years. I appreciate very much for seeing the group trying so hard to not only keep their traditions but also share their culture to the community, every song and dance is telling a story.

The Auba Rukai Children’s Choir, a gold medal recipient in an European competition, they are the Rukai tribe in Taiwan; one of countless indigenous groups belonging to the Austronesian family spanning the Philippines, Southeast Asia, and even Madagascar.

For this group of elementary school children, choir is more than extracurricular – it is a means of connecting with their heritage and the language of their ancestors.

Through song and dance, these two groups are waiting to share their story with you!

Thursday Aug 30, 6:30 pm,

The Big House, K’omoks First Nation

3330 Comox Road, Courtenay,

Join us!

Jin Lin

Comox Valley Multicultural Society

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Fall Show at Pearl Ellis Gallery

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