Dear Editor,

I have noticed a number of Adds in the local Comox Valley Record regarding the city of Courtenay spending.
I too am very concerned about affordability of housing. We are seeing the tip of the iceberg with tent cities.Unfortunately, drug use masks the  real problem of affordable housing which is going to land on our Grand Children .Gone are the days when an average income earner can  purchase a single family home, but how will low income earners afford an apartment or basement suite with ever increasing costs?
Local Governments are very inefficient ,as they over charge for services to create large reserve funds. Just a few years ago, our Comox Valley Regional District had the largest reserve fund relative to asstees in the Province ,Budgets approved by directors from Courtenay, Comox ,Cumberland and areas ABC. Unsustainable for lower income people here.
Part of the affordability issue is the cost of property taxes and the basic services of water ,sewer, and garbage- Increasing far beyond the inflation rate.
I know that many of our elected councilors and CVRD directors are dedicated to serving, but very few have the picture of affordability . It will take a crisis to change this, and it is coming.
Although the Comox Valley Taxpayers Alliance see the picture, the timing is not right for change. People with money are not troubled with rising cost of services and lower income people are too busy to trying to survive and hang on to accommodation’s-a place to live and food to eat.
We have many good people in local political positions, but they do need a push from the “good old boys” who can afford these adds.
Our Grandchildren will Thank them for their efforts, or not.Likely it will take a crisis-it is coming.


Phil Harrison