Courtenay Little Theatre presents THE LADIES FOURSOME

By Norm Foster

Directed by Sharon Priham

Oct 4 -13 2018

In The Ladies Foursome, three friends play a round of golf in honour of a recently deceased friend. They’re joined by another friend of the deceased who they’ve never met who brings a new dynamic to the group. The friendly round of golf soon gets personal, revealing, touching and hilariously funny as Foster focuses his comic lens on the ladies and their relationships.

There’s Margot, who owns a construction company; Connie, a successful TV news anchor; Tate, a housewife married to a surgeon and Dory, the unexpected guest, who runs a lodge up north.

The Ladies Foursome is a completely different story from Foster’s original Foursome – new characters, new situation and a whole new set of circumstances. All except one – it all happens during eighteen holes of golf. Be prepared to be entertained as the ladies discuss life, love, men, children, careers —everything but golf.

 Warning:  Adult themes

Maybeth Hoagland

Courtenay Little Theatre