Month: August 2018

Last sowing, confusing bugs, splitter alert

There is still time to sow hardy winter lettuce and arugula if you do it this week and now is also the perfect time to sow corn salad for winter salads. Pull back mulches and scatter seeds under tomatoes, squash and other plants that will be finished in October. Corn salad seeds may not germinate until the soil cools down, so don’t worry if they don’t come up immediately; it is extremely hardy and one of the few greens that can grow (slowly) during the winter. If you are sowing winter greens in a coldframe, plastic tunnel or unheated greenhouse, you could also sow Chinese cabbage, leaf mustard and other hardy greens now, because the warmer environments provide a little more growing time.

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The video going around about Stotan Falls

Re that video going around about Stotan falls, it shows one side…fine but is always posted in such a way that one can not make comments. This is not unlike 3L who always have presented their side but never mention the trade off that would be involved should they get permission, amend our zoning and “donate” that “Park”. I’ve heard them say they will give the Park as a “gift” that is incorrect because a gift does not have strings attached.

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Award-winning textile artist celebrates trees in presentation at Little Red Church

You are invited to a special presentation about trees on September 17. “Call of the Heartwood: My Creative Journey with Trees” is a talk and slide show presented by award-winning textile artist Lorraine Roy of Dundas, Ontario.

Roy is a horticulturalist by training (she holds a BSc in Agriculture) and an artist by profession. Her profound love for trees and deep respect for the environment shows itself over and over again in her textile art pieces which have been displayed across the country.

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Comox Valley Water System Moves to Stage 3 Water Restrictions September 7

The Comox Valley Water System will move to Stage 3 Water Restrictions beginning Friday, September 7 at 8 am until Friday, September 14 at 4:30 pm. During this time BC Hydro will conduct annual maintenance and repair work at the Puntledge River generating station. Fish screens will also be cleaned to help redirect salmon back to the river. At the conclusion of this maintenance period, the Comox Valley Water System will be returning to Stage 2 restrictions.

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