Month: July 2018

Smoking Ban in Comox Valley Regional District Parks

Due to dry weather conditions and an extreme fire hazard rating, a smoking ban for Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) parks will be in place starting at 10:00 am on July 27, 2018. This includes all parks with forested trails. Increased park patrols will also be added as the park bylaw was recently updated with the authority to fine people found smoking in the parks $500.

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What Are These Guys So Afraid Of?

Last Saturday at Courtenay’s Downtown Market Days, I was out in the crowd talking with various people about proportional representation and handing them a half-page information sheet.

Some people stopped to talk. They wanted more information.

Others walked right by and said they had already made up their minds. That’s fine.

Still others saw me coming and changed their destination enough to avoid me. That’s fine, too.

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Dark echoes in an era of semi-disclosure

Echo chambers has been popular as a buzz phrase as of late, the idea that we post and share links and opinions that we agree with on social media to others that also agree with them, thereby amplifying their echo.

What happens to those chambers, though, when ‘dark echoes’ infect public debate?

In an era of increasing public distrust, there’s a very real risk that good ideas could fall victim to a failure to disclose. It breeds suspicion.

Some are clamouring for public advocacy groups to disclose their sources of funding – an admirable goal – but they’re eerily silent when it comes to Jim Shephard disclosing his funding sources for his recent first-past-the-post advertising campaign in advance of this fall’s referendum on proportional representation.

Sometimes the connection between a group and its self-interests are obvious: the Fraser Institute or the Canadian Taxpayers Association spring to mind.

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CVRD Regional Office Building Construction Awarded

The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) has announced Vancouver Island’s Knappett Projects Inc. has been awarded the construction contract for the regional office building that will be located at 770 Harmston Avenue, Courtenay.

An Invitation to Tender was released on May 26, 2018. On July 4 (at the close of the process) the CVRD received five tenders and negotiations with the lowest bidder, Knappett Projects Inc., ensued. The CVRD design team worked with Knappett to identify cost savings of $340,486. This allowed the Regional District to proceed with a contract price of $10,352,514.

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CVRD Board agrees to consider 3L’s application to amend the Regional Growth Strategy

The Comox Valley Regional District Board has voted to initiate an amendment to the Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) and consider a development proposal by 3L Developments Inc. to establish a new Settlement Node in the rural area.
In the first step, the Board has approved a recommendation from the Committee of the Whole to initiate an amendment to the Regional Growth Strategy in order to consider the application made by 3L Development Inc.

At the same meeting, the Board defeated a recommendation to consider the proposal as a minor amendment. By defeating the recommendation, the proposal from 3L Development Inc. to establish a new Settlement Node in the rural area, will now be considered as a standard amendment to the Regional Growth Strategy.

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