So. Community. We need leads on a level-entry, ground level apartment, with a good sized bathroom, friendly neighbours, easy-clean floors, in-suite laundry, and preferably all utilities included (including internet)…. for somewhere in the region of $900/m (max shelter allowance on disability that we can ascertain at this point). Could be anywhere between Black Creek and Nanaimo or on the Sunshine Coast, maybe lower mainland (tho we realize that’s highly improbable).

We need to bring Mark, and Tish, home. SOON.

It’s coming up on 9 months since Tish has been away…. as most of you know…

Any and all leads for a mid-august thru mid-october relocation will be very welcome. (Can’t possibly have him organized sooner than August, October will be a YEAR).

It seems we will get Mark hooked up with services & supports FASTER if we get him to BC FIRST, as there is a long wait IN Ontario for the BC-Required assessments to transfer him FROM Ontario (and a quick private assessment will cost us $3000 we don’t have).

So, new plan is get him here and get him settled, then get him assessed and started on his new chapter in BC with help from CLBC and the micro-board we are creating to help manage Mark’s care.

For those who don’t know, Mark is Tish’s younger brother, who has Cerebral Palsy and a variety of challenges – tho sense of humour is not among them 🙂 He’s a charming, funny, creative man who is determined to be a hollywood star, and needs to have his own space where he can feel like the adult he is – while still needing full supports to manage day to day life. He wants to write sitcoms with puppets, and loves to entertain kids. He is loving and messy and partially self-sufficient but not enough to live fully independently. He has a strong sense of right and wrong, and no real concept of time. He’s awesome and hard work all at once, and he needs to come to BC because mom is no longer around to look after him.

Thank you. Please feel free to share.

If you do have any leads for us, please e-mail me at

Kera McHugh