The Comox Valley Land Trust has launched a community environmental calendar providing public information on community activities and events with an environmental focus.

“The Comox Valley is blessed with a large number of active environmental and stewardship groups who host a wide variety of interesting and fun events and activities throughout the year. However, it is not always easy to find out what groups are up to or how to connect with them. The online community environmental calendar provides access to all the details including links to groups websites,” says calendar administrator David Stapley.

“Activities and events listed include guided watershed and nature walks, educational presentations, fundraising events and family oriented activities. For those interested in volunteering, activities like helping at a fish hatchery or stream side planting are also listed. We even list public consultation meetings on environmental topics like the recent Seal Bay Park master plan,” says Stapley.

The calendar is a project of the Comox Valley Conservation Partnership and can be accessed on the Comox Valley Land Trust website at:

David Stapley

Comox Valley Land Trust