The Mulgrave School, from West Vancouver, spent the week of May 15 – 19th in the Comox Valley working on restoration projects with Technical Director Dan Bowen and key volunteers from Project Watershed. Armed with new shovels, rakes, hoes, gloves and other implements 14 students (Age 14-17), three teachers and their field trip leader Lee Hardy spent a very busy 4 days working on shoreline restoration in the K’omoks Estuary.

In Royston, they helped landscape the upper salt marsh area and planted this area with dune grass and other salt marsh plants. The purpose of this saltmarsh restoration is to create habitat for juvenile salmon and other marine creatures.  “The kids really worked hard on restoration activities,” commented Jean Swain, Project Watershed volunteer. Dan Bowen, Project Watershed Technical Director stated that after a hard days work the students and teachers were rewarded with ice cream at the work site.  On May 16th, the Mulgrave students worked with 52 local students from Robb Road School at the Courtenay Airpark. The day was lead by Project Watershed Directors Bill Heidrick and Dan Bowen as well as staff Caila Holbrook and Amy Firth. The students were involved with water quality monitoring, playing a salmon game, garbage pick up, observing a saltwater wedge demonstration and planting salt marsh.

They completed their week before heading back to Vancouver by working with Frank Hovenden, Comox Valley Nature, and planting additional salt marsh plants and 15 shoreline trees in Royston.  The Musgrove School donated all of the new implements to Project Watershed to be used in future restorations.

Amy Firth

Program Coordinator , Project Watershed