I live by the Strait of Georgia, and I’m continually shocked and alarmed that some of you don’t appear to be concerned about bitumen spills in the Salish Sea, and the rivers of BC.

It is inevitable and evident that when we have a major tanker spill on the coast, that there will be completely inadequate infrastructure available to clean it up. This has been the consistent pattern, that there is little money earmarked, or resources available to do it any differently.

While there has been much spin and confusion as to how many jobs will actually be involved in the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline, once it is built, there will be 90 permanent jobs created. 40 in Alberta and 50 in BC! This isn’t even close to being a sustainable job creation plan!

It is really all about choice and what we as individuals, politicians, bureaucrats, SEO’s and the shareholders of corporations choose to do with our money and natural, finite, at risk resources.

No amount of money in a Cayman bank account will protect anyone from the ongoing negative effects of continued drilling, transportation and spills of bitumen… on land, in river, lakes and our seas.

Some would argue that we have no choice but to pollute air, oceans and soil, while continuing to put all of us at risk, but as someone who has lived off the grid, (with wind and solar electricity generation and water heating), I know that that is a lie.
We DO have choices, much healthier choices, and ones that could easily accommodate well paying jobs, and more of them, that don’t put the health of the workers, their families and neighbours at nearly as much risk.

Our taxpayer and consumer dollars COULD be support existing and potential technological innovation and jobs in the green economy; jobs producing more ecologically sustainable and healthier renewable technologies such as windmills, solar electrical and heating systems, radiant floor heating, solar roofing materials, greener insulation, longer lasting, efficient and safe electrical vehicles, machines, appliances, batteries, and the reuse and recycling of minerals/materials.…
Instead of green jobs, we continue to bail out multinational billion-dollar corporations whose destructive actions indicate no concern for their kids and grandkids. The economic bottom line their grandparents are so fond of today, won’t help tomorrows grandchildren; when they can’t drink the water, breathe the air, or eat what little comes then from the land or sea.

I remain somewhat optimistic that the tide will turn before it is too late for any species, including humans to survive corporate negligence and governmental collusion, however the tide needs to turn today if we have any chance to survive our choices and actions.

Come on folks. Wake up. We are in trouble and need to make some big changes. We can do better than this.

The future of your descendants depends on the choices we make today, which is why I, and many others, oppose the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion and bailout by Canadian Taxpayers.

Alice Grange