This  NEW 2-week Forest Stories Summer Camp ​is presented by the Cumberland Community Forest Society, Elevate and Convoy​. Designed for 7 –12 year olds​​ the program is built around theatre, music,and forest myths and legends. The connecting themes are creativity, nature and community. 
9 am 3 pm ​daily ​July 16-20 and 23-27 and final celebration Saturday July 28th in #6 Park.
  • ​This engaging program ​will be​ based in the Cumberland Forest, Cumberland Masonic Hall and #6 Memorial Mine Park. ♥ Workshops and evening special events held during 2-week camp open to parents, friends and community. Locals arts and culture professionals will be engaged throughout the camp as facilitators and mentors. Forest Walks every day! Excellent kid to facilitator ratios. ​The camp culminates in performances at a new Family Forest Fest celebration Saturday July 28th organized by the camp participants and open to the community.

    15 participants. ​Registration will be based on a combination of first-come-first-registered combined with a good mix of ages.
    Full availability for the July 16-28th window required.
    Fee: ​$190/week ($380 ​total​) for 2-week program.

    ​Registration is now open! T​o reserve a spot or to ask any questions email!
Meaghan Cursons