It’s tax season and North Island-Powell River MP Rachel Blaney is warning residents of the latest phone scam happening in our region. People are coming into Blaney’s office saying they are getting phone calls from someone stating that they are being charged with tax fraud, or that they owe taxes.

Blaney says this is a fraudulent phone call and you should call police right away.

“People are being told that they have taxes owing or that they are being charged with a tax crime. Don’t do anything. Don’t give them any information and don’t call them back. Canada Revenue doesn’t operate this way. You should call the Anti-Fraud centre. They are equipped to deal with this all the time and need to know when something is happening that is not legit.”

A variation on this, according to Blaney, is an email stating that there is a refund waiting if a link is clicked on.  This is a form of phishing. Revenue Canada will send out email notifications when there’s a message for a taxpayer (if they have subscribed for this service), but the recipient has to log in to their account to read it. No personal information is sent by email.

You are urged to call 1-888-495-8501, the Anti-fraud center, right away if you receive a phone call or email that you think might be suspicious.

You can also visit the Government of Canada anti-fraud website at