Unifor will be at the centre of the campaign for proportional representation when British Columbians vote in a fall 2018 referendum about changing the provinces electoral system.

“Our first-past-the-post system is both antiquated and unfair,” said Jerry Dias, National President. “Too many voters feel disenfranchised under a system that regularly lets a party with less than half the vote get all the power.”

The referendum was a key election promise of the B.C. NDP during the spring 2017 election. It is also one of the key issues in the legislative alliance between the NDP and the B.C. Greens.

The government collected input from British Columbians during a consultation process last winter. They are expected to make an announcement this spring about the exact ballot question, which will be delivered to voters on a mail-in ballot.

“Canadians were very disappointed at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s broken promise to change the federal voting system,” said Joie Warnock, Western Regional Director. “There is a nationwide appetite for a better voting system and we are a part of the campaign to make British Columbia the first jurisdiction in Canada to update it.”

If British Columbians choose change, the new system will be in place for the scheduled 2021 provincial election, but not in the event of a snap election resulting from the defeat of the government beforehand.

Unifor is a founding member of the Make Every Vote Count coalition in British Columbia, a broad-based non-partisan alliance of groups seeking electoral reform.

For more information, check out the campaign website is www.voteprbc.ca

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