Month: April 2018

CLIMATE CHANGE CHRONICLE 38: The Climate Change Chrysalis Experience

I’ve been looking for a story to describe the climate change transitions between where we are now, where we are going and how we are going to get there.  I think I have found one—the chrysalis experience. It is an analogy. It shows the transitions that occur between the caterpillar and the butterfly in the cocoon. I’m using it to help illustrate the three stages in the climate change challenge.

The Chrysalis Experience In Nature

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Electoral Reform: A game changer, not a game winner

I’m a big-time college basketball fan. Men’s or women’s basketball, it doesn’t matter. If a college game’s on, I’m glued to ESPN. Other big-time fans know that a basket at the buzzer won Notre Dame the 2018 NCAA Women’s National Championship on April 1. What a way to win the game!

Unlike Notre Dame’s game-winning Hail Mary basket, should the majority of voters support electoral reform in BC’s November referendum, we have only a game changer, not a game winner. In fact, the game’s not over at all because the hard work is really just beginning.


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