Canadians from coast to coast to coast are burdened by rising healthcare costs, soaring infrastructure expenditures and major traffic congestion. Cycling is a low cost, environmentally-friendly, sustainable solution to these challenges. Today, Gord Johns, MP for Courtenay-Alberni, presented a petition with 4,247 signatures calling on the Government to support his private Members’ Bill C-312, and establish a National Cycling Strategy in Canada.

“We can foster a cycling culture in Canada by making people feel safe, by providing infrastructure that supports them, and by helping potential cyclists feel confident about the rules of the road,” said Johns who has consistently biked to work on Parliament Hill every season since being elected in 2015.

“We need to do more to make Canada a cycling nation,” said Johns.

The petition was started in 2017 by Kimberley Nelson, a director with Vélo Canada Bikes.

“Thousands of Canadians have signed our petition from every single province and territory, urging the federal government to support cycling as a legitimate form of transportation. We call on Parliament to support this call for a national cycling strategy,” said Nelson.

Bill C-312 follows the example of countries such as Germany, Denmark, and The Netherlands which have reaped many social benefits from increasing their cycling transportation share through the adoption of a national cycling strategy. Such a strategy requires organized efforts from local, provincial and federal governments.

“Research and experience worldwide demonstrates that countries which adopt a national cycling strategy have created thousands of good jobs while protecting the environment, the economy and the health of their citizens,” said Dr. Sara Kirk, award-winning academic, professor at Dalhousie University, and Director, Vélo Canada Bikes.

MP Gord Johns’ Bill C-312 is a multi-faceted proposal, requiring the collaboration of all levels of government, businesses and users of the road to develop cycling options across the country. This legislation helps address the social, economic, and environmental issues facing Canada today and sets clear targets for the expansion of cycling friendly infrastructure while providing a national plan for cycling education.

“This petition is an important reminder that Canadians want their Government to be a strong leader in supporting efforts to increase the number of people who cycle,” said Johns.

Gord Johns