“Film for Thought” is a cinematic event and experience created by local youth who worked in the Comox Valley Art Gallery’s Youth Media Project. The screening is in the Rotary Hall of the Florence Filberg Center on April 13. The screening will feature the work of the nine youth who participated in the thirteen-week program. Doors for the screening will be open at 6:30pm and screening will begin at 7pm. Free snacks will be provided.

“Through the YMP project, youth create films that speak to the issues that really matter to them and then go work with small sustainable businesses or not for profits that are addressing those very issues in an interesting way. The result is that the youth start to recognize that their voices really matter and that they really can influence the world around them in a significant way.” Explains Krista Tupper, the Team Leader of the project.

The event features both the personal films from each of the nine youth participants as well as projects the that they have done for a variety of community organizations. These organizations include the Comox Valley Head Injury Society, Project Watershed, the Black Creek Community Association and Aids Vancouver Island, among many others.

“I think the YMP program is perfect for todays life and times. Connecting into the world of digital media that we are immersed in, day to day. It truly is a unique and wonderful experience being the creator instead of the consumer.” Says Yaffa Ibrahim, one of the project’s participants.

The Youth Media Project is an initiative funded by Service Canada to provide training and skills in video production for young people ages 16 to 30, allowing them to open doors to a variety of career and life opportunities. This will be the fifth year of the program. To be eligible for the program, participants have to be interested in art and video, between the ages of 16 and 30, not attending school full time, not on Employment Insurance and legally entitled to work in Canada. Participants will be paid minimum wage for 30 hours per week if accepted.

CVAG is currently accepting applications for the next Youth Media Project, which will start next September. The program is also an Equity employer, so people of all genders, races and backgrounds are welcome to apply. To apply, send an e-mail to Krista Tupper at Krista.cvagymp@gmail.com or drop a letter of application off to CVAG, located at 580 Duncan Avenue. For details, call 250-338-6211.

The application letter should describe the applicant’s reasons for applying, work and school experience, and how this program would help further their future endeavours. The deadline for applications is September 5th, 2018.

There will be an information session in August so that those interested can have further details on the program. Extra details on the program can be found on the CVAG Youth Media Project Facebook page in the near future.

Comox Valley Art Gallery’s Youth Media Project