Dear Editor ,

Today, one day after the stupefying not guilty verdict of Gerald Stanley, the man who pulled the trigger in the shooting death of the young Cree man Coulten Boushie, Sen. Murray Sinclair, who headed Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission wrote these saddened words…words from the heart speaking to the heart of our wounded nation…words of grief on our behalf…words of wisdom wrapped in sorrow speaking of the shame his (our) country bares.

Today I grieve for my country.
I grieve for a family
that has seen only injustice
from the moment a farmer with a handgun
(why does a farmer need a handgun?)
killed their son.
I grieve for a mother
who saw the police raid her house
and treat her like a criminal
and not the victim she was.
I grieve for other mothers
with empty arms
who are reminded of their own loss
at the hands of others.
and the lack of answers that haunt them still
I grieve for the youth
who now see no hope,
and whose hunger for justice
gives rise to anger.
I grieve for the children
whose lives now have
one more jeopardy.
I grieve for the elders
who have seen this before.
And whose wisdom holds no means
to get through this evenly.
I may grieve for some time.
But then again…
we have been grieving a long time.
This is why
we can’t “just get over it and move on”.
My country won’t let me.