Month: February 2018

Beyond Petulance

What could possibly be more absurd than hordes of American people and their legislators spending a lot of anxious time worrying over whether Russian agents injected game changing, Trump promoting “fake news” along with highly persuasive algorithm-informed bot-ature into the American election?

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Newest Rotary Club launches with standing-room-only Charter party

The Rotary Club of Comox Valley celebrated their newly-minted charter status on February 20, 2018 at the Black Fin in Comox with a standing-room crowd of Rotarians, city officials and charter members of the new club. Many Rotarians from Comox Valley’s other four Rotary groups were in attendance to give their well-wishes to the new club. The Rotary Club of Comox, the new club’s sponsor into Rotary, showed its support with a gift of their original Rotary 4-Way Test banner from their chartering in 1974 and a generous gift to help the new club get off to a great start.

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Wood stove exchange program continues for the Comox Valley

Thanks to funding support from the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy (MoE) and the BC Lung Association, the Comox Valley Regional District’s (CVRD) wood stove exchange program will be continuing through 2018. Currently, the CVRD remains focused on encouraging residents to update their non-certified wood burning appliances through the Wood Stove Exchange Program.

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Sub-Sea Fiber Optic Cable & Coastal Communities: An Opportunity for Healthy Growth

Over the next few years, the Connected Coast project plans to bring high-speed internet via fiber optic cable to 155 rural coastal BC communities, including yours. We now have the opportunity to have the fastest, most secure, and healthiest connectivity available. However, we must engage in well-informed and conscious decision-making for this to happen. It all comes down to this – how will we complete that ”last mile” of our sub-sea information highway – and will we choose to make it a road that benefits citizens, wildlife, and the environment?

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