The Cumberland Community Forest Society and Story Box Movies are hosting a special encore community screening of the new documentary film Save Space Nugget on Wednesday January 31st at 8:00 pm (doors 7:30 pm) at the Cumberland Masonic Hall in Cumberland.

This film shares the story of how a small town united a scrappy group of mountain bikers, tree planters, artists, musicians, and loggers to save their forest.

Produced by Trish Neufield and Step Carruthers, Save Space Nugget explores Cumberland’s sometimes complex relationship with the forest and tells the story of the circumstances that led to the formation of the Cumberland Community Forest Society and their mission to protect the forests surrounding the Village.

Please join us for tasty CBC beers, a quick CCFS update on 2018 timelines, some Q&A and an encore community screening! Best watched with friends and neighbours and a beer (or hot herbal tea) in hand! This is a great opportunity for those who missed the energy of the November 2017 premiere event.

As we launch head-long into an exciting year and galvanize community energy to purchase and protect forests new parcels along Perseverance Creek in the fall of 2018, this is a fantastic glimpse back to the origins of the organization and some of the back story to the unique situation we find ourselves in!

Admission by donation to the CCFS OR by signing up as a new monthly donor at event. For more information on the Cumberland Community Forest Society visit

Cumberland Community Forest Society