Get your dancing shoes ready for Atmosphere Gathering and Bass Coast Festival favourites Sabota.

Sabota is a collaboration between Vancouver house and techno staple Max Ulis, and singer songwriter Robbie Slade. Sabota is probably the most left field thing in Robbie’s catalogue of music, while it’s certainly the most pop-sensible thing Max has been a part of. As the project has progressed, each has started exploring the other’s role, that is, Max has been contributing to writing lyrics and song arrangement, while Robbie has been taking on more of a role in producing. This get/give flow of energy and non verbal communication is at the very heart of Sabota.

With plays from Solomun, &ME, Tim Green, Rampa, Skream, Shadow Child and B. Traits, Sabota is fast becoming a fave of DJ’s around the world.

With support from OGP residents em.ash and Dubtecha.

$10 Tickets available at the Waverley, 250 336 8322
Online tickets available at

Old Growth Productions