The Comox Valley Jung Society will present a lecture “Longing and Belonging: The Perils and Passions of Place” by Jungian Analyst Matt Kelly on Saturday, January 13, 2018 at NIC. Note: Date changed from January 12, 2018.

Feeling a sense of belonging is a deep human need for most people; but what happens when our sense of belonging turns to feeling trapped? Alternately, what happens when our deep longing for other places, people or times blinds us to the fullness of the present moment? We will explore permutations and tensions of belonging including the fantasies and realities of marriage, home, family, career, Nature, involvement in our community, and being at peace within oneself. We will compare this with varieties of longing: questing for adventure, yearning for love, seeking wisdom and steadfast inner striving. We will go deeper into discovering how these archetypal opposites can enrich or impoverish our lives depending upon the attitude we hold toward their darker poles.

Matt Kelly is a Jungian Analyst new to the Comox Valley.  A thoughtful, warm and engaging speaker, he completed his training in Ontario and holds degrees in philosophy, education, psychology and comparative religion. His previous lecture on “Garbage and the Soul” was provocative and profound. Matt has a curious and infinitely gentle way of helping us consider deeply the places and ponderings we often do not speak of and yet need to consider


The lecture is at 7:00 PM, in the Stan Hagen Theatre at North Island College. The lecture is $20 for the public, and $15 for members.

Comox Valley C. G. Jung Society