Dear friends and food security enthusiasts:

A group of concerned citizens is creating a food production co-operative in the Comox Valley. The Community Created Agriculture Co-op (CCAC) is in the process of acquiring a 56-Acre farm within city limits in Courtenay. In the next few months, we will be setting up the necessary infrastructure to facilitate production, processing, preservation, storage, and delivery of food in the Comox Valley. This includes the purchase of a farm where food can be produced or collected to be delivered to the 300 individuals or families that will participate in the CCAC Food Supply Program. The co-operative will own, house and maintain, farm equipment, cold storage, processing equipment, etc … for the use of the co-op members on a cost recovery basis. Attached is the Vision document that places the project in its context.

In fact, the 56-Acre farm is a nursery business that has all the necessary infrastructure such as greenhouses, irrigation, pumps, roads, etc. to be operational at the time we take possession. The intention is to transform this farm into a food producing and processing hub; the nursery business will be phased out in two to three years, utilizing the current inventory to finance the operation and service the debt during the food production ramp up.

The CCAC is having a subscription drive to finance the purchase of the farm and the start-up of food production in 2018. If you want to be one of the three hundred families or individuals who want to know where their organic food comes from, this is your opportunity. Subscribers contribute $ 1000 to participate in the Food Supply Program – to purchase as much food as desired from the Co-op, based on the model of Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA), in which subscribers pre-order food and pay for it in advance so the costs of production can be financed. Your subscription of $1,000 will also give you $100 worth of food, products, and services, from CCAC – a 10% return, every year, for life. You can contribute larger amounts and take further advantage of this 10% return in perpetuity.

Please read the Vision document and do not hesitate to contact us to answer your questions. We highly recommend that you visit the farm (by appointment) so you can see first hand how tangible the project is. Please let us know your interest in this community initiative and if you want to participate in this Food Supply Program. We will need your contact address and a check for $1,000 or the amount of your choice to “Community Created Agriculture Co-op” to:

C/O Eduardo Uranga
3404 Primrose St.
Cumberland, BC
V0R 1S0

Share this message with the people in your network, we appreciate your help.

Visit the following web pages to learn more about our initiative.

Eduardo Uranga

Community Created Agriculture Co-op