The Comox Valley Threshold Choir (CVTC) will be launched October 9 (Thanksgiving Day) as an official Chapter of an international network. However, singers have been practicing the repertoire for nearly a year. Threshold Choirs practice gentle songs that comfort those who are seriously ill, dying, grieving, or in transition. In groups of three, they sing quiet, harmonious melodies such as lullabies and chants. This “song bath” is soothing and comforting and can have a powerful physiological effect on the body, heart and mind. Threshold singing is not a performance: It is an act of presence. Jill, one of the local leaders, loves this refrain: “We are all just walking each other home.”

The Comox Valley Threshold Choir is one Canadian chapter in a network founded in California in 2000. The a cappella (voices only) choir purpose is “to sing for and with those at the thresholds of life.” CVTC formed in Fall 2016 under the direction of Wendy Nixon Stothert and Kazimea Sokil but now has member leadership. After the official launch, the local choir will be listed on the Threshold Choir International website, with its own link:

“With a calm, focused presence and gentle voices we use song to make kindness and compassion audible to those near end of life. We sing at bedside, vigils and memorials. Our aim is to gently enter into someone’s life, to share our music and hearts, and then to softly take our leave. We seek to create moments of grace in difficult times for clients, families and caregivers alike. We honour all spiritual paths and have no religious affiliation.” (CVTC Mission Statement)

If you are interested in inviting a small group of these dedicated singers to support you, a family member, or a friend, contact either Jane Fox ( or Jane Sigurdson (250 792 5993).

Betty Donaldson

Comox Valley Threshold Choir (CVTC)